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Golf Coaching at Limitless Golf is provided by Chris Jelly, the owner of Limitless Golf. Chris Jelly is one of the most sought after golf coaches in Ireland with a wealth of experience and a repertoire of knowledge who gets fantastic results. Chris has been a full-time coach since May 2009. Since then Chris has embarked on a golf coaching journey with tremendous passion and will try and become a great coach to all the players he has been afforded the opportunity to work with.

Chris has developed his depth of knowledge and successful golf coaching career  by continuously learning with each and every player that comes through his door. Chris keeps up to date with technology infused in his coaching and has been an early adopter of Trackman 4 , Boditrack and the V1 coaching platform.

Chris has been the National Coach to the Irish Girls team since 2014 with the highlight to date being the coach to the first ever Irish Girls team to win the Home Internationals in 2016. Chris is also  part of the Ireland High-Performance Golf Coaching team who coaches all of the panels on the pathway to the highest-performing players in Ireland. This not only includes female golfers but also male golfers with his coaching with the Golf Ireland’s Ulster Provincial Squads.

Chris is a massive advocate of Continuous Personal Development and has the highest PGA points ranking of any Professional in Northern Ireland and is one of an elite bunch of coaches with a PGA Level 3 Golf Coaching qualification.

“Our philosophy is to develop the person as well as the golfer through continuous learning and personal development plans that will help the golfer. We aim to create a positive learning environment, where care, respect, coaching with inspiration, a growth mindset and hard work that will make an actual difference that will help golfers of all abilities reach their full potential.”

“The sole purpose of the golf swing is to produce a better and improving impact position. It is more important to gain repetition to your swing rather than employ a cosmetic method.”

Boditrack – helping your golf coaching

We are one of the first facilities to use the Boditrack pressure mat system which is widely used on the PGA Tour. Here we can see how we move our pressure in the golf swing. For me at this moment in time this linked with Trackman will be a complete game changer for your golf game.

How we move in our golf swing is absolutely pivotal in hitting the best shots we can. This video explains nicely where your pressure needs to be and a nice common trait in recreational golfers. All may not be as it seems until you can measure where your issues may be arising. We use the V1 Boditrack pressure mat so we can measure where your pressure is and at what time and then it is my job to help you move how we want you to move.

It can be difficult to feel where your pressure is and when, but you will be amazed what you can find out about your golf swing when we use the V1 Boditrack pressure mat.

Dynamic movement vs static movement

Here is a video from a friend of Chris Jelly Golf – Richard Hughes explaining really well how we need to MOVE during the golf swing. Don’t get confused with staying still and moving WELL. With the Boditrack we show you how you move during your swing and how we can help you move better which in turn will help you on the way to hitting the ball more solidly, straighter and further all being well.

Trackman – 6 key factors

Forget all the nice to know and how good your swing looks, if you can get better at controlling these 6 key factors of your golf you are guaranteed to play better golf.

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